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About Us

DMG POLYPACK is a prominent and well established manufacturer and exporter of a comprehensive range of film, paper, foil and fabric based packaging and branding materials for a wide array of end applications in the plastics & packing market segment. With years of  hard work, manufacturing experience and dedicated customer service,  we take immense pride in being able cater to most challenging product requirements of customers in the area of film extrusion, lacquer & solution coating, vacuum metallizing, lamination, bags & pouches made of film, paper & board, foil or fabric based substrates.

Our production plants are located 35 km from downtown New Delhi, India and are well connected to road, rail and air transport channels to deliver our goods in the most fast and efficient ways.

Our manufacturing plants are designed according to international standards of Hygiene and Safety required by the Food, Drug & Pharmaceutical Industries.

All manufacturing plants are ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 Certified to ensure world class standards of quality and environment management. All aspects of production, administration and back office operations are fully integrated in SAP ERP system to ensure a seamless operation of all activities in the company.

Our Production Capabilities

Lacquer & Solution Coating
Vacuum Metallizing
Film Extrusion
Pre-Formed Bags & Pouches

At DMG POLYPACK we are most sensitive to the ever-changing needs of our customers and constantly strive to improve the quality of our processes, products and customer service. We achieve this by implementing an effective quality management to measure, monitor and continually improve the quality of our products.


Our Values

  • Sustainability – We pursue sustainable processes when it comes to the production of our products

  • Recycling – A key component of the DMG POLYPACK waste management program

  • Conservation of Energy – The reduction of non-renewable energy consumption

  • Water Conservation – Managing the use of water used in production to protect the environment

  • Environmental Ethics – We have eliminated harmful emissions which react in the atmosphere to produce acidification, and we have processes in place that protect our ecosystem and guard against pollution of ground water

  • Human Health – Providing a safe, non toxic environment in which our employees and neighbors can thrive and flourish

Reasons To Chose DMG POLYPACK

It is our policy to deliver to the customers only those products, which meet clearly established requirements. The company is committed to develop products that meet the ultimate performance requirement of our customer’s product. We implement zero defect quality control policy.

We put great emphasis on using unique, innovative and hi-tech raw materials, down-gauging packaging structures and use of natural substrates like paper.

We have the state-of-the-art equipment for metalizing, coating, slitting, rewinding and laminating different types of films, foils, paper and board. We also have an extensive range of testing and quality control laboratory equipment to ensure highest quality standards.

We manufacture and export our products to more than 30 countries in the world. With a dedicated logistics & supply chain team, we ensure that our products are delivered to our customers in the global market place in most cost effective, safe and timely manner.

DMG POLYPACK has always implemented a sustainable approach to business. We are aware that growth is inseparably linked to the well-being of our ecosystem – employees, business partners, local communities and the environment. Our sustainability strategy guides collaborations with stakeholders and day-to-day activities. As a responsible corporate business house, we act as a team with customers to develop sustainable packaging solutions.


Our vision and aim is to become the most admired manufacturing company in the specialty and high-end flexible packaging solutions market worldwide.


Our mission is to create long term value for our customers by creating innovative, cost-effective and sustainable packaging solutions that meet their requirements.

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